Ok, so I thought a lot before writing this entry because I want to provide my readers with important health and fitness information, not just vent… However, it struck me that of course you need to know about what bugs me as a fitness professional because it should definitely bother you as a fitness enthusiast or someone who just likes group exercise classes. I take this circuit boxing class just about every week at my gym. It used to be amazing- a great workout like I’ve never done, an amazing exercise re-entry after having my second baby. A few month later, that instructor left and was replaced by a really nice guy who put together a difficult class. He also took my suggestions for improvements and additions, so that was nice. For some reason they replaced him with this horrendous, yes horrendous, instructor. I told him after the first class that the class was terrible and he needed to change it to the original format. Week 2 was much better… The problem… Each successive week has been exactly the same!
Why now, you may ask, am I venting… What happened? Well, I just can’t take it anymore! I want to start a petition that group exercise instructors can’t use crunches anymore, think outside the box! Also, the class is timed in 1 minute intervals and all he does is watch his watch. He even said at one point, “don’t watch me, I’m watching the time” what?! That’s the job, to teach the class, buy a stopwatch that beeps, even my iPhone does that.

I don’t know why I keep going back, I just keep hoping it will get better. Guess I’m just too reminiscent of the old classes filled with regulars wanting to get pushed past their limit… Now I’m stuck with a guy wearing a red bandana and a cut off T…

Anyway, thanks for reading 🙂 if you know of an amazing boxing class or affordable boxing gym I’d love to hear about it.

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