Mini circuit boxing workout

So, in response to my rant I decided to take matters into my own capable hands and create my own circuit boxing workout. Check out an 11 minute sample of the hour workout:

I used 5 pound dumbbells and performed each exercise for 1 minute. You’ll need a heavy bag and a mat. Take a break when you need, try to limit to 30 seconds and no longer than 1 minute, and repeat the circuit 3 times. Let me know how you did and suggestions are always appreciated!

Weighted cross punches
Cross punches on the bag
Weighted right jab- left cross-right hook-left uppercut
Repeat on bag
Weighted left jab- right cross-left hook- right uppercut
Repeat on bag
Mountain climbers
Weighted crosses with knees (jab left, jab right, then jab left with right knee, jab right, jab left, then jab right with left knee)
Quick feet with speed punches on bag
Freestyle on bag – focus on power rather than speed
Burpies (deep squat-jump back to plank- push up- jump feet in- squat jump- repeat sequence)


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