Drink, drink, drink…

Your Personal Wellness Challenge

Smart Sippin’ Challenge

Water works – Before you leave the house on hot days remember your bottle of water and refill it at least twice during the day.

Tea time – Choose delicious flavored teas (sugar-free) and keep them handy at your desk or in the break room to sip. Share a favorite flavor with a friend!

Slice it up – When sippin’ on water lacks excitement, spruce it up with a slice of lemon, lime, or how about an orange slice?

Protein pick-me-up – Treat mid-afternoon slumps with a sip of milk! The combination of protein and carbohydrate will give you a better boost than a sugary drink.

Add up the savings – Save the money you would usually use for coffees and sodas and put in a jar. Spend it on a present (non-food) for yourself at the end of the month!

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