Bryanna’s new shoes and inspiration

Today Bryanna (my 5 year old daughter) got new shoes for school, the last installment of clothing needed for this year.  After informing her that they were the same shoes I wear to the gym she decided to instantly exchange the flip flops she had walked in with for the brand new tennis shoes.  Hello parents reading this – why positive role modeling is so important!  They are always watching and listening, even if we don’t think they are.

Goes to show you how something so small can make a big difference.  Inspired by her new “running” shoes as she renamed them, she spent the remainder of the day literally running.  Running through the mall, running around the house, and at one point I sent her to go running up and down the stairs.

I don’t believe in big changes, I believe that small changes can make the big difference and this is a perfect example of that.  Do you need inspiration to get your butt up and moving?? Buy new shoes!  And do as Bryanna did, just run around! Don’t get bogged down with all the latest trends.  I wear Asics running shoes and love them.  Find shoes that fit your feet well and suit your activity properly.


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