Watching You Tube – beware

So, I like to watch You Tube exercise videos.  I think it’s a great way to learn some new and fun exercises from people all around the world.  I stumbled across some pre and post natal videos and am of course completely intrigued to see what’s out there.  First, I was bored and then, really surprised.

Before I continue, let’s say this, you don’t need a fitness degree or any certification to get on you tube – you just need a video camera.  So if you like to watch you tube too for fitness inspiration, be aware and beware!

So, I was bored by the prenatal videos because, well, they were boring!  Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean your workout has to take a total nap.  I ran until 37 weeks with my second and maintained a pretty intense workout regimen.  If you were physically active and running before baby, you can maintain your activity level and run during pregnancy as long as you have the OK from your doctor.  But, even if you need a low impact workout you can work up a great sweat so you can stay strong and healthy during pregnancy and can bounce back faster after that baby is born.

Then, I was surprised by the post -natal videos.  Post natal is a general term, just means after baby, no time reference… but for those of you who have had a baby, I don’t care how strong your abs were before or during pregnancy – we all have to start from the same general starting point after baby, it’s just the speed at which one progresses that is the difference.  And if you end up with a c-section that’s a whole other story!  None of the videos addressed this “starting” issue – the reconnection with your transverse abdominus or the “magical muscle” as I like to call it.  How can you offer a video to “new moms” and not offer a new mom workout?!

The moral of my post today is – if you want a good pre and/or post natal workout you can check out you tube, get bored, then overwhelmed, and then you can call and/or email me!  You need a fitness professional when you are pregnant or just getting back from having a baby.  You have to keep that core strong and build it back up, slowly… oh, and let’s not forget those pelvic floor muscles too!

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