Exercise of the day: Gliding Lunges

You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to get in a great workout.  Of course those items are nice to have, but this week at T.O.T. Fitness we’ve been using plain, old rags to get in fun and challenging workouts!

Reverse “Gliding” Lunge – Standing on a tiled or wood floor – Start with feet hip width apart, shoulders down, chest lifted and abs in tight.  Place a rag underneath your right foot.  Keeping your torso upright, press your right foot back as you focus on bending that left knee until it is at about a 90 degree angle.  Make sure your left knee stays behind your toes.  Your right leg should only have a slight bend.  Pressing up through your left heel and all the way through your glute, drag your right leg back to the start position.  The great thing about the friction created by the rag is that both legs are always working, versus a regular lunge where the back leg isn’t doing anything on the return to start position.  Press the right leg back and repeat the movement 12 times on this side and then repeat on the other side.

You can also add in an arm movement by simply raising them forward, with a weight in hand if desired, and working the shoulders and chest.  The arms would come up straight at you pressed your leg back into the lunge and then lower down as you stood up out of the lunge.

Have fun! And you get a clean floor as a bonus!

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