Quick circuit for a rainy Sunday

The first set up jumping jacks is your warm up, so take it slow. Perform each exercise for 1 minute, 15-30 second break between exercises. Take a 1 minute break at the end of the circuit and continue to repeat until you’ve done 30 minutes.

Jumping jacks – feet together, arms at your sides. Jump legs wide, arms out to the side and up over the head, and return to start position. For a low impact option – lean over from the hips, keeping the back flat and abs in tight, step one foot out to the side as arms extend straight out to the side, alternate legs. Arms lift with each leg extension.

Squats- feet right underneath the hips and abs in tight. Start by shifting weight into your heels and pushing your butt back as though you’re going to sit in a chair. Lower down, keeping weight in your heels (you should be able to lift your toes off the floor). Press up through the heels so you work the whole leg, repeat.

Quick feet- run in place as fast as you can! Pick feet up off the floor, don’t shuffle. Keep abs in tight and use your arms to help keep you moving.

Lunges- split stance your feet, one foot in front of the other. Your front leg is the working leg, keep weight in the front heel and you should be able to lift your toes off the floor. Make sure your feet are a good distance apart so that the front knee stays behind the toes. Lower and lift, pressing up with the front leg. Don’t forget abs tight!

Burpies – start standing, bend the knees and place hands on the ground in front of the feet. Pull belly button to spine, you’re going to need your abs for this one… Walk or jump the feet back so you’re in plank position and do 1 push up, jump or walk the feet back in to just behind the feet and press up to standing or jump up. Repeat.

Hi knees – start standing with elbows bent at 90 degrees. Bring left knee up and bring right arm forward. With abs tight, alternate knee lifted, bringing opposite arm forward. Rotate at the torso so you work the abs. For a higher impact option, hop between feet.

Straight arm ab pikes – start in a straight arm plank position – on the ground, shoulders right over the wrists and body in a straight line from the shoulders to the hips to the ankles. If this bothers your wrists your can lower down onto you forearms and have shoulders in line with the elbows, maintain straight body position. Pulling the abs in tight, lift the hips into an inverted “v” and then lower back down to plank. Don’t lower past parallel. Continue to lift and lower.

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