Does 1 sport bra fit all??

Does the type of sports bra I wear doesn’t really matter?

Truth: When it comes to fitness apparel for women, sports bras are extremely important! They help minimize breast discomfort while exercising and reduce the risk of breast sagging, which can be caused by damage to the ligaments, tissue and other supporting structures of the breasts.

What You Can Do: There are generally two types of sports bras to consider and your physique will help dictate which one may be best for you.

For smaller-busted women, compression bras are a great option because they flatten the breasts against the chest. Larger-busted women should opt for encapsulation bras as the molded cup design tends to provide more support given their heavy duty construction.
Remember that fit is also an extremely important factor, so be sure to try it on to make sure the bra fits comfortably and be sure to consider the fabric type of the bra — proper ventilation will help to keep skin cool and dry thereby reducing chaffing. In addition, keep in mind that bras do have a shelf-life as the elasticity will diminish over time, so plan on replacing sports bras every six to nine months, depending on the amount of usage and your particular activity.

Happy jumping!

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