There is no magic pill!

I literally cannot beleive this article I just read.  I am not even going to post the link to the article on my facebook page as I normally do to share new and/or intresteting articles I come across.  This one I will post here with the most outlandish sentences sprinkled with lots of question marks as to why are these researchers wasting their time creating these drugs (aside from the mass amounts of money they will potentially make) when they could be curing cancer…??

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times – There is no magic pill!  When you read the excerpts below, if you could explain to me why people would accept the certain and even worse potential side effects just so they don’t have to go for a 30 minute walk everyday or eat some more fruits and veggies, thanks in advance!

Here it is:

“A panel of outside experts to the FDA voted 20-2 to recommend approval of Qnexa, saying they were convinced that the benefits it offers in treating obesity outweighed the potential heart risks and birth defects associated with the drug.”  Hello, does anyone remember “fen-phen” the weight loss drug from about a decade ago that killed and harmed numerous individuals…?  We didn’t learn our lesson then?  How can the benefits outweigh the risks when its a voluntary drug regimen?

“Panelists did say Vivus should conduct a study on possible heart problems and supported the company’s plan to limit its use to women who are not pregnant.”  Why is this even necessary?  Why would a pregnant woman need or want to be on a weight loss pill?

“I would say not treating obesity is not risk neutral. We have few treatments for obesity for those who don’t respond to lifestyle treatments.” This quote from Dr. Susan Yanovski, an advisory panel member and director of the obesity and eating disorders program at the National Institutes of Health.  So, the plan if you cannot figure out a way to eat less and move a little more is to take a pill for an undetermined amount of time…?  All i have to say is, DIG DEEPER!  Why aren’t these individuals responding to lifestyle treatments?! Seriously experts, this is plan B?

My favorite part is when the article explains that one of the risks of obesity is heart disease, but one of the risk of the “magic pill” is “heart risks” so you either way you’re going to have a heart problem.  I guess you’re skinny with a heart problem so at least you’ve got that…?!

So, what is our magic pill made out of? “Qnexa, which combines the appetite suppressant phentermine and anti-seizure drug topiramate,” Anti-seizure medication, does that even sound like a good idea…?

“patients taking the drug had more safety problems, including memory loss and higher heart rates, than those on a placebo, and some of these problems could get worse over time.”  Heart problems and memory loss… wait, but you’re skinny – even trade?

Read enough? I just don’t understand… Your health is your health and that is all that is important.  And by the way, the pill does not improve your cardiovascular fitness (makes your heart stronger), your muscle strength, or flexibility – all of which are significant predictors in long term health.  So, the question is, how much are those skinny jeans worth?

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