A mini workout (literally!)

One of the best parts of my profession, or I suppose what I’ve chosen to do with it, is that I get to bring my kiddies with me. (Best part of working with other moms too 😉

My kids get to see first hand what I do when I “go to work” in my very non-traditional work attire. These experiences have truly inspired my 6 yet old daughter to find a love of health and fitness, it’s amazing!

Subsequently, she asks me to “train her” when we are at home. We had a chance to do so this past weekend and it was so cute… She had seen me utilize some new fitness tools that she was itching to try herself. One of which is a small fitness ball, intended to assist in lower back issues for adults, but perfect size for a 3 foot tall person to use like a physioball. She did crunches, half bicycles, and bridges with the ball between her knees. Then she wanted to use the gliding discs and had a lot of fun doing reverse lunges and skaters (giggling the whole time!)

Then her 3 year old brother walked in and wanted to join in the fun…
They did partner crunches, tossing the ball back and forth; ball
passes over the shoulder and then turning and handing off at the opposite hip with their backs facing each other; and then they stretched together with
legs out in wide “V’s” with feet touching and holding hands singing “row, row, row your

Being active should be fun and apart of your lifestyle! How are you having fun today?

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