My afternoon workout

After picking up my 3 year old son at camp we headed to the park… He asked to play tennis so we grabbed his little racket and 1 tennis ball to hit against the wall… Little did I know this would turn into a sprint fest!

Standing about 2 feet from the wall, he would hit the ball and then it would roll… But he didn’t chase it! Apparently, I was the designated ball girl and after each contact sprinted to catch the quickly rolling yellow sphere. Lasted about 10/15 minutes, love when I get in unintended workouts!

And the fun wasn’t over…

We headed to the playground where I ran across play structures, climbed across monkey bars, helped him climb across monkey bars, ran across the playground, climbed rope walls, ran through sand, and lastly played a pirate frog… Another 20/30 minutes of play time. Now he’s sleeping so I guess I did a good job running him around 🙂

What was your workout today?

It’s just about moving – get up and have fun!

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