I get a lot of emails and usually end up trashing most of them, but today I had a few extra minutes and opened an email from An article entitled,
Parenting and Perseverance: Why Failure is Crucial to Success, caught my eye. After all, I have 2 little ones and am always looking to learn something new. However, when I got about a quarter of the way into the article I started seeing how it pertains to adults as much as kids:

“If we drop the expectations and focus on the process of discovery and exploration, things get immediately simpler and more enjoyable. That’s when real learning happens. We all learn best through play.”

Wow, right?! How true is this statement for so many who have “tried” to get fit, but got discouraged and quit because it wasn’t fun, change didn’t occur quickly enough, or they ran into a challenge they felt they couldn’t overcome.

But what if we change our “expectations?”

I have a picture on my Facebook page that states, “forget about getting skinny. Eat well & exercise. The weight will take care of itself.” (thank you, Nike). Ladies, are we doing this? Do you get excited at the end of a hard workout because you finished it or are you worried about how your calorie count will end that day? Are you proud of yourself that you chose a healthy dish for dinner 6 days out of the week or upset that you chose an unhealthy dish on day 7, which may result in no weight loss for the week?

“This is how he will learn,”
“Put objects just out of… reach…
work for it…
effort and reward.”

We need to challenge ourselves to be better! We didn’t know how to walk when we were born, we worked hard to build strength and balance to rise up and move on our own 2 feet. The same goes with improving our health, fitness and nutrition – we need to build physical and mental strength as well as establish internal balance to make positive changes to our bodies.

“That’s why it’s so important we teach our kids how to successfully fail – which means how to cheerfully go back to the drawing board as many times as it takes.”

There is no 1 answer, no one size fits all program – it is what works for you and only you. How many attempts is it going to take for you to find it or maybe the better question is, how many times are you willing to go back to find it?

“What is… the art of perseverance? It’s a delicate balance: Knowing when to praise, when to encourage…. to try harder, and when to say, “Why not try something else?” You have to be attuned to your… signals. Pushing too hard too fast doesn’t work.”

Slow and steady…. And bring your friends or a trainer along for encouragement, variation, and motivation.

“a failure simply has to do with effort and strategy, then going back to the drawing board is not a flaw, but an opportunity for discovery and triumph.”

So now I ask you, how many discoveries have you made about yourself?
What have you learned from all your attempts, whether they were successes or failures?
Have you been triumphant? If not, are you ready to persevere to get there?

The excerpts from this article are from Princess Ivana and you can read the full article at:

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