We talk all the time about how we need to move more, how we need to find ways to be more active in our day, and how we should squeeze in little workouts…But what about time to rest…?

Ok, now for those of you who say you aren’t active because you’re too tired, that is not what I’m talking about.  Do you want my speech about how being more active actually gives you more energy as it releases adrenaline and other “happy hormones?”  We’ll save that for another day…

This is about working (that could be working out, working at your job, taking care of your kids) too hard and too long without enough rest.  Your flame has burned to the end of its match stick.  That was my weekend.  After a long week with barely enough sleep and long days of working, working out and taking care of my kids I was spent by the time Friday arrived.  My daughter came home sick from school, I took a rare but fabulous 3 hour nap with her, and then headed out to see a movie with my son.

We went to the Street Food Cinema presentation of Arthur Christmas at the Grove.  They blocked off Gilmore Lane (that’s the street between the Farmer’s Market and The Grove) and set up chairs and a gigantic movie screen.  After a relaxing set by the Sun Kings, we sat back and watched the movie.  As I took a breathe for the first time in 6 days, I realized that with all the  time I make in the week to be active, I actually don’t schedule any time to be inactive.  The body needs rest for healthy brain function, emotional well-being, and a healthy immune system.   Being well rested also increases the likelihood of maintaining a healthy weight.1

It was so nice to just sit with my little man, enjoy the cool night air, listen to him laugh, and watch a very cute movie.

So, get up and move!  But make time to sit back, relax and enjoy your family.

Arthur Christmas is now available on DVD


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