Mommy camp

Fun Summer Activities for “Mommy Camp”

In my past motherly life, I was a stay at home mom. One of my favorite memories was enjoying an entire summer with my then 4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son in the exciting world of “mommy camp.”

With an average of 10 weeks off from school, summer is also a great opportunity to teach kids healthy habits. Here are some ideas for you and your kids to have a fun, active, and healthy summer

• Schedule a regular time throughout the week for physical activity.
o Take turns selecting an activity for the family to do as a group each week.
• Adapt all activities to suit kids of different ages and abilities.
o Help everyone to find something active that makes him or her feel successful.
• Create outdoor play areas where rolling, climbing, jumping, and tumbling are safe.
• Organize and obstacle course with hopping, skipping, and crawling.
o Use spots or paper plates, cones or tie the tops of 3 paper towel rolls together and paint fun colors, tunnels or tie old sheets to trees
o Use chalk to draw circles, hopscotch, and lines for kids to follow along.
• Traditional Kids Games –Ring Around the Rosie, Duck Duck Goose, and the Hokey Pokey
• Water fun
o Go swimming!
o Play sports in the pool, get a basketball hoop or volleyball net
o Run through sprinklers
o Fill water balloons and toss without popping
o Get 2 buckets, 1 filled with water and a big sponge or colander. Kids have to transfer water to the 2nd bucket across the lawn, holding the sponge/colander over their head.
• Traditional Kids board games – Twister, charades, or outburst
• Balloon Decathlon – There’s nothing like a lot of colorful balloons to entertain kids. Fill up a room with an assortment of balloons, and then stage a balloon decathlon. Try these “events” for starters:
o Keep as many balloons in the air as possible by batting or blowing at them.
o “Throw” balloons for distance.
o Have a “slow-motion” basket-shooting competition (a shopping bag can be the “hoop”).
o A “javelin-throwing contest” with long balloons.
o Have the athletes lie down and try to keep the balloons in the air with their feet.
o Use a wooden spoon or paper towel tube to keep the balloons in the air.
o Have the kids walk across the room while balancing balloons on their heads or hands.
• Buy toys or equipment that promote physical activity, such as different shaped balls, hula-hoops, and jump ropes.
• Chase bubbles
• Use physical activity rather than food as a reward (e.g. family goes skating, bike riding or on a hike).
• Include grandparents, other relatives, and friends whenever possible.
• Dance! It’s a great way to teach kids about different types of music too.
o Watch and imitate dance videos
o Play freeze dance
o Have a dance contest
o Share dances from each generation in your family.
o Throw an ethnic/multi-cultural dance party.
• Most importantly… Have fun!! Being physically active helps us find more creative ways to be a happy and healthy family.

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