Getting sweat at Prevail

Found myself with a morning where not only am I not working, but also don’t have to get anyone, anywhere until 10a.  Having done a couple of decently hard workouts on my own over the weekend I decided to look for class that still challenging but interesting.  On my list of places of check out was Prevail over on 3rd street.  If you have made it through my “very long history” post you know that I LOVE boxing!  This place has great reviews, everyone says how hard the workout is, so I was really excited.

Sign up: 10/10. I signed up on First time students pay $20 online and $25 in studio so just do it beforehand, not only to save $5, but that was also how I made myself wake up and go as I knew it was already paid for! …..I am not a morning person… except for my own clients….

Parking: 8/10. There is free street parking on 3rd street, but hard to find a free spot and currently you are permitted to park in the KFC lot until 9a.  Martel also has free parking.

Front Desk:  10/10. Very friendly and helpful.  Had to sign waiver and was asked if I had boxing experience so an instructor could assist me if necessary.

Towel/water/locker: There were no towels provided and I did not see any water.  No water for sale nor a water fountain.  There were plenty of lockers, you have to bring your own lock, but no one had one.

Bathroom/shower: There was a bathroom, no shower.

Instructor: 7/10, 2/10.  There were 2 instructors.  The main instructor, Pooch, was very friendly and chatted with me briefly before class.  Asked if I had boxing experience, but didn’t inquire if i had any injuries or required any modifications. He explained and briefly demonstrated all of the exercises that were going to be performed in the class and was mildly encouraging during the class.  At the end, during conditioning, he was adorably entertaining to distract from the exhaustion pouring through a majority of the class.  The second instructor, Graham, was completely unfriendly and did not speak to me at all even when we realized we grew up in the same area on the east coast.  There was even a station where we were hitting pads he was holding and he did not speak a word, no “good job,” nothing! I have literally never seen an instructor not speak at all to a student.

Class Design:  7.5/10. Class starts with a descent warm up.  Today’s class focus was footwork, so the warm up was consistent with the theme.  We hopped in and out of our own box in an agility ladder along with some undefined boxing type movements.  The class was broken up into 3 rounds of 6 – 1 minute circuits, some of the stations changed on each round, some were the same.  Half were punching stations and half were strength exercises.  Today’s focus was footwork so that was included in all of the standing movements.  After the 3 rounds, there was about 8 minutes of conditioning. No cooldown or stretching, although people stayed to stretch/roll on their own.

Class Execution: 7/10. During the warm up, not a lot of instruction was provided.  This portion of class was lead by the “no speak” teacher, so I guess no surprise here.  We were then broken into groups, this was a new one for me, I have never been put into a group at a studio.  Not sure what the method for organizing the group was though, if there was one.  We started quickly, there was no defined timing breakdowns (30 seconds left!), there was little to no encouragement other than random “keep going” or similar nondescript global motivator and there were absolutely no corrections, other than during a confusing punch sequence.  Both coaches held pads for one of the stations so they really weren’t available to correct anyone at any other station anyway.  The stations were challenging and “challenges” were provided to increase intensity, if desired.  There were only 7 seconds between stations, which is felt was a little too short just to simply transition from one place to the next.  Following the 3 rounds we were instructed to get heavy weights.  Not knowing what was to follow, I grabbed 8 pound dumbbells.  The weights were for weighted punches… 8 pounds was way too heavy!  If I would have known the exercises, I would have chosen max 3 pound weights for the punches.  My elbow actually started hurting after the 2nd round of punches and I had to drop the weights entirely.  We also did jump squats and overhead shoulder raises in a squatted position, heavier weights were fine for those.  Then class just ended.

Overall workout experience: 7/10

Overall workout challenge: 7/10

Final thoughts: I love circuit training so I enjoyed the class design, but I am not a great morning exerciser so I would have appreciated more encouragement and motivation, especially as class progressed.  Although the main teacher was nice, he really didn’t do a whole lot of “instructing” and as I mentioned earlier, I am not even sure the purpose of the second instructor.  I left sweaty and felt worked but didn’t feel like I did as much boxing as I would have liked.  No offense L.A., but this was  very L.A. boxing class… a little boxing, a little conditioning.  The one thing I can say that was great about this place was there was no judgment, everyone was there for their own workout and as the instructor said, “there are no douchebags.”  I do like that.

The ultimate question – will I go back?? Maybe.  If a friend wants to try it.  Personally, I’d rather go to Lb 4Lb for more of an authentic boxing experience, but this was one of the better classes I have been to lately.


Disclaimer!  I am personal trainer and have certain things that I care about when I attend a class, especially when I am recommending it to another person.  If I didn’t cover something that is important to you, let me know and I am happy to add it to this and my future reveiws.

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