Class Descriptions and pricing


One hour, family friendly, full body workout

Sundays at Roxbury Park at 8:30am

Stroller exercise classes – The kids start off in the stroller as the moms and dads walk and/or jog and get in some lower body exercises. Kids get out to play for the second half of class where we continue the circuit training workout to complete our full body workout. This isn’t just a walk in the park!

First class is Free!

Single classes $15

12 classes $150

24 classes $250

Packages expire 1 year from date of purchase.


60 minute circuit training class

$30/class – A fun filled hour which will include the TRX, battle ropes, sand bags, med balls of all shapes and sizes, golden arches, agility work, speed work, endurance training, core training, upper body, lower body, functional movements, partner drills, triple partner drills, timed movements and more!  whew, I’m tired even listing all that!  Don’t just lose weight or fat, build muscle.  Get strong, get sexy, and get your friends to come and enjoy getting their sweat on! Having said all that, everything is modifiable so this class is for any skill or fitness level.  We all have to start somewhere, it’s where we end up going is the question…

Bring the class to you!  Need 5 participants to create your own class, contact us to set it up!