A not-scary Halloween

All year we teach our children to eat healthy, but then Halloween comes around and they get dipped in chocolate and rolled in sugar.  What to do?  Do we say no, and refrain from this childhood pastime or do we embrace the day and return to normal on November 1st?  Well, I’m going with the latter!

But the one thing that drives me crazy as a parent is the “scare” factor that is also associated with Halloween.  I personally don’t like being scared and I certainly don’t want to deal with nightmares or new fears from one these so-called kids Halloween movies.

We had the pleasure of attending a special screening of the The Smurfs – The Legend of Smurfy Hollow this past weekend.  The 8 year old girl inside me appreciated the very exciting combination of old-school animation with CGI. And as a parent I really appreciated how the movie just toed the scary line.  More importantly, the movie displayed team work, importance of family, and ultimately selflessness.  This movie is much more than a Halloween themed short, it’s a great film for the whole year. I should know the whole movie by heart by next Halloween though, my son has watched it about a dozen time in the last 2 days!