Testimonials and Photos

What better way to learn more about T.O.T. Fitness than hear from some of our amazing participants and see them in action!

“Its great to work out with an instructor who understands that fitness comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages, and Farrah is such a great instructor for that and many other reasons. She always finds out about a new client’s health and level of fitness before she starts to work with them and she has so much knowledge of the human body with all its strengths and weaknesses. When you’re injured, she has a full range of exercises you can still do, right off the top of her head, so she helps you get back to normal as fast as possible. She can take you through pregnancy and post-pregnancy and beyond. And since we get to bring our kids to the class, my daughter gets to see all of us working up a sweat and now she loves to do all the exercises she sees–its a great impression to leave on your children!” – Jean

“Farrah’s workout is such a great way to get back into shape and still be able to work out with your baby.  Not only did I meet a wonderful community of moms with the same goals I got a great workout that kept me motivated to come back.  She is a patient teacher and has great nutrition advice as well.” – Noet

“My baby weight certainly didn’t fall off of me and Farrah has been the answer to that problem!”Farrah is fantastic!
She leads her workouts with passion and is far from the stereotypical “Boot Camp” instructor, yet she provides the same results!
There is not an ounce of judgement in Farrah’s demeanor and she makes everyone feel comfortable and inspired. Gettting back into the swing of things as far as working out has been much less traumatic than I’d imagined; Farrah switches things up often so that you simply can’t dwell on the difficulty and by the time my workout is over I’m always pleasantly surprised! I love Farrah’s practical approach to getting in shape and her uplifting motivation!” – Mandy